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Daily Podcast

The day before New Years I'd had enough. I was tired of letting my day run me, instead I wanted to start running my day. Join me as I start the day by saying hello, reading the Bible, and praying for those listening--every day (!) of 2020. Here is a sample. 

LIVE daily devotions approximately at 9:30 am PST.

 Visit our Face Book page for archive of all videos since January 1st 2020.

sample videos
sample devotions

Acts 2:1-21

& Prayer

What is the message of Pentecost for us today? Let’s talk about it!

John 20

& Prayer

Where is Jesus while you cry, while you hurt? Come see what the scripture reveals for us about this.

John 19:23-42

& Prayer

Do you feel “orphaned” and alone? Come see what Jesus does!

John 14

& Prayer

Need peace? This scripture right here--this is the path to peace.

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