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Join us in Israel June of 2022

10 Day Trip to Israel

Ready To Get Away?

Come join us in the Holy Land for a very special tour

with Dr. Melisa and Professor James Berry as our hosts.


The Berrys have spent the last few years planning a tour that combines Christian Pilgrimage with Leisure Travel. They will use their archaeological and historical expertise to take you where Jesus lived, ministered, died and rose again! Our Lord also knew how to enjoy time with His friends, and in the spirit of Sabbath, they have added times to relax and have fun.

There will be time for devotion and prayer, and time to dine with friends.


You will see:

  • a synagogue that Jesus preached in

  • "Peter's House" in Capernaum

  • the steps where Jesus carried the cross to Golgotha


As well as:

  • hike the Jesus Trail

  • "lazy river raft" the Jordan River

  • enjoy a glass of wine in an Israeli vineyard

To make the trip more enjoyable while retaining the educational aspect, the Berrys have designed a 6 week online class that is included with the trip. Starting in March of 2022, the Berrys will have videos that provide information about the sites that will be visited, optional reading material, and supplemental video links.


You will be able to learn about the sites before you go so that you can enjoy the space while you are there. The Berrys will be on site for prayer, conversation, and questions as well as a licensed Israeli tour guide, but this class will give you the opportunity to more fully appreciate the sacred spaces that we will visit. It will also provide a place to discuss what you can expect on the trip, how to pack, and even some shopping tips!

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