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FREE CHurch History Lecture Series

Dr. Melisa Ortiz Berry will be lecturing on foundational moments in the early church for the Crown of Life Discipleship Ministry (CLDM) Board members over 3 sessions during their Board of Directors Retreat the weekend of July 9-11.

While this is a private retreat, she has asked if she might invite some friends to join us through Zoom, so she has sent private invitations to her active followers on Facebook and Instagram. If you are here, this must be you! WELCOME! 

Since these lectures are part of a larger gathering, they will start promptly and end at the scheduled times. You may attend one or all of the meetings as you are able.

We are excited to have you join us!

Session 1 (Friday, July 9, 6pm PST):

The World of Jesus and the First Church: Foundations for Christianity

Session 2 (Saturday, July 10, 10am PST):

The Council of Nicaea: Foundations for Christian Orthodoxy

Session 3 (Sunday, July 11, 3pm PST):

Augustine: Foundations for the Western Church

Frequently asked Questions

  1. How long is each lecture? Each session will be 55 minutes with an additional 5 minutes afterwards for Q &A

  2. If the workshop is free why do I need to register? You'll need to register because space is limited and this helps us make certain that we are giving our Zoom information to real people. After registration you will receive a confirmation with details to log in.
  3. When should I log in? The workshop is LIVE so you will need to check your timezone for the exactly time in your area. we recommend logging in 5 minutes early.

  4. What if I can't make it that day? This series will not be recorded, however if you go ahead and register we will have your email address and let you know the next time we have an event

Still have questions? Drop us a line

Thank you, we will reply within a day.

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