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Digital Small Groups

We all need spiritual mentors, men and woman of God who are further along in their faith to help teach us about God and how to grow closer to Him. 


In response to the messages and comments that Dr. Berry receives, she has partnered with experienced small group leader and mentor Cheryl Parra to create digital spaces for 7-week groups. Dr. Berry has designed a curriculum that group leaders, like Cheryl, will lead people through. Each of these groups (men's and women's) will meet online in Zoom to go through the Book of John to help participants learn more about the Christian faith and to grow in their relationship with Jesus. 


If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of one of these groups, please fill out the information request form above and we will get back to you within 3 business days (M-F). 


PS: You do not already have to be a Christian or be actively attending a particular church to attend this group. 


PPS: This group is FREE. The friends of our ministry have donated their time and resources to make this and other ministry events possible through Melisa Berry and Crown of Life Ministries. We are praying for you and all that God has planned for your life!

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